A very useful feature that allows you to stack sounds from plugins and play with your midi keyboard.  Used to do this on the MPC, great to finally be able to do this on maschine!

Wow, this dude thundercat is the NEXT level

Hire this man to play on your tracks and you will be happier than a pig in doodoo

Maschine 1.7  missing samples video


Finally i can make shit loud while keeping my mix intact!!!  super geeked

Live Mixing with Engineer Zito

Just in case the Backstreet boys music makes you want to throw up in your mouth…..dont worry there isnt much of it.  But there are some excellent tips from a top notch live sound mixing engineer!

My favorite mastering engineer and all around cool m’fker  Dave Kutch on Pensado’s Place


If i knew they wouldnt become obsolete i would get some of these tatted all over my arms

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